10 Elegant Seasonal Tops For This Summer

Every season we all wish to wear clothes that are trendy and up to the spot. Fashion changes every now and then and we all love to dress up accordingly. Today we are jotting down the top 10 amazing tops that can help us dress up according to the seasons we face every year, if you are interested to know more continue reading the blog till the end and enjoy.

  • Tube tops

Tube tops can also be called strapless tops, however not all tube tops are strapless. This top is a simple stretchy material with little or almost no structure, and it fits tight around your body.it suits perfect with jeans and even more stylish if you have a leather jacket over your shoulders. It was at its peak during the years of 2015 till 2018 and are now common among every woman.

  • Tank tops

Tank tops are for both in woman and men. They are for casual wears however ladies found it a little inappropriate for everyday wear as it lies just above the belly button if we talk about the women’s tank tops. They can be found anywhere in all shops and also online. They are also very reasonable. Mostly woman like it simple in different colours which would suit them according to their skin shade. Even little kids now wear these tank tops, and it really suits them perfectly/

  • Polo

When it comes to polo it doesn’t require any gender. It’s the perfect top for summers as it never goes out of fashion and looks pretty on everyone. Polo shirts can also be found everywhere such as online and on shops. There are various different Instagram pages who sell polo shirts for very cheap prices. They are fitted and suits every type of body however some polo shirts are very expensive than the other pieces depending on the colours.

  • V neck shirts

V neck tops are found very common amongst girls and specially teenagers. They can be found either sleeveless or along with long sleeves. They suit perfectly with skinny jeans and really makes girls look a 10 out of 10. These v neck shirts also come in the categories of casual wears. there are normal v neck shirts and then there are deep v neck shirts which are more comfortable than the normal ones as they are not really fitted.

  • Peplum

They are defined as short, gathered fabrics attached to the waist of a girl. It cuts in just above the stomach and is very suitable for any style related to cutting stomachs. You can pair peplum with high heels and a skinny jean to look gorgeous. They can be found anywhere either online or in shops and are really at the top of their game. They are easy to wear and are really comfortable as they are stitched of soft lace, they pair up very well with pencil skirts

  • T shirts

If you can’t find anything to wear just grab a t shirt and go on. Its really a fast forward move for your style which can’t be judged by anyone. There are thousands of brands offering different types of t shirts. They look really cool on girls with jeans and convers. they are typical outfits for schools and colleges.

  • Sleeveless

These tops are also known as hatter crop tops, and they are the most fashionable if you are looking for a simple crop top. They can be found in high necks as well.

  • Smock tops

Get ready for the newest fashion around as smock tops are taking over the year. Easy to wear and are really comfortable. It is incredibly flattering and fits close to the body but adds enough texture to camouflage imperfection.

  • Sailor

It follows the designing of a sailor suit which is worn by marines. It is also known as middy blouse. In the early 20s they were really popular and really common amongst woman of all type and very incredibly admirable for everyone.

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